Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Dewa Athena

Dewa Athena is one of SMAN 3 annual program. This program is realized by OSIS organisation, and by student which become Magang OSIS. Dewa Athena is kind of sports week, there are some sport competitions such as football for boys and girls, badminton, relay, basketball, and many more. The participant is the 1st and the 2nd grade, each class are required to join all competiton, if not then the class will get "WO" and pay 100k for every WO.

The competition is held on different day, depends on who's the player, for example 1st grade do football on saturday, and the 2nd grade do football on friday. This program is important because through this event we can build our unity, friendship, and our spirit of competition. And we can know each other in our class better.

The first round for every competition for 1st grade is held on 25th of March, the 2nd round is on 1st of April, and final round will be held on 8th of April. Because of Dewath is always be hold on saturday, I can't always join the game, because I need to practice for upcoming KPA's concert. I just get to play 1 game that is Gobak Sodor, but my team is loose on the 2nd round.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Learning from Nature

The word nature is derived from the Latin word natura, or “essential qualities, innate disposition” , and in ancient times, literally meant “birth” . Natura is a Latin translation of the Greek word physis, which originally related to the intrinsic characteristics that plants, animals, and other features of the world develop their own accord. 

The concept of nature as a whole, the physical universe, is one of several expansion of the original notion. Within the various uses of the word today, “nature” often refers to geology and wildlife. Nature can refer to general realm of living plants and animals, and in some cases to the processes associated with inanimate objects-the way that particular things exist and change of their own accord, such as the weather and geology of the earth. It is often taken to mean the “natural environment” or wilderness . [source : wikipedia] . According to Oxford dictionary nature means all the plants, animals and things that exist in the universe that are not made by people.

And from what I learn nature means, every living things in our environment that has their own relation, and because of that relation, we can live as one and made a good life . And basically Nature means “Everything” , and there is a saying “Look deep into nature and you will find and understand everything better” .  Which means, we can learn from nature, if we take notice of it better. There are plenty of wisdom we can learn from nature and also we can get plenty of benefit if we keep it better.

Although humans comprise only a minuscule proportion of the total living biomass on Earth, the human effect on nature is disproportionately large. The development of technology by human race has allowed the greater exploitation of natural resources and has helped to alleviate some risk from natural hazards. Man-made threats to the Earth’s natural environment include pollution, deforestation, and disasters.  Because of the greed of human, entire ecosystems, habitats and species that have existed for many thousands and in some cases millions of years could disappear in a little as a few decades.

Humans have burned, cut down, poisoned and torn their way through nature’s resources and treasures at a much faster rate than the Earth can sustain. [source : www.pri.org] .  Because of it our natural environment has been damaged in many way. Going green is easier than you think. There are little things you can do every day to help reduce greenhouse gases and make a less harmful impact on the environment. Taking care of the Earth is not just a responsibility -- it's a privilege. One of many little thing we can do is to pay attention to how you use water. The little things can make a big difference. Every time you turn off the water while you're brushing your teeth, you're doing something good.

And in other way we can also learn so many thing from nature, just like from moon and night sky, The decreasing moon often might feel depressing yet it teaches us to accept the fate and come back anew. A night sky without stars looks curtailed while without a moon is unfinished. But when both of them accompany each other, the view certainly says too many things. You realize that however important you might be, you need someone or the other to complete you.

In other case, butterfly also gives us something to learn. Butterfly is the most fragile mortal existing. It has a long journey of struggles which starts from it coming out of cocoon till turning out into beautiful life filling the world with colors. At every stage it falls in the face of ground, yet every time it rises and tries to shine bright. It teaches us that “within you is the power to rise above any situation or struggle, and transform into the Brightest, Strongest version of you EVER!”.

A tree doesn’t discriminates while giving fruits, rainfall is received by rich as well as poor while the sky shelters Hindus, Muslims, Christians and all other religions then why is it that humans have so many differences? Thus the best teaching that we can inculcate in us from nature is equality and loving unconditionally.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017


It is really important to show your gratitude even for a very little thing. So, today I 'd like to say thank you to one of my friend Afi.

On Monday I didn't bring my wallet, but I need some money for taking local transportation to go to school because I have an urgent appointment, so I borrowed some money from her. I borrowed like 2000 rupiah, I take local transportation from Istana Sepatu Merdeka to SMAN 3. Thanks to her i could make it. If I didn't take the local transportation, I wouldn't get to school on time. And everything will become complicated.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

First Holiday of 2k17

So, during this semester holiday, the most thing I do is just sleep and eat at home. But I got bored doing nothing, so I suggested to my parent to go somewhere to get some fresh air. And finally, we decided to go to Garut.

I go to Garut on 1st January 2017, why? Because we think there won't be any traffic jam during the new year eve, but then there is some traffic jam, but not too bad. We go to Garut by car, we went at 10 a.m and got there on 3 p.m.

The very first thing I do when i got to the inn that my family stayed at is unpacking thing from car and then sleep, because I feel so tired already. I sleep like, one and half hour, and got up because I must praying. The weather is getting cold there, so I going down floor and eating some food that we bought from Bandung. At night, my uncle grilled some corn and some satay, but i got sleepy because of the cold air, so I didn't eat any of that and go to sleep early.

On the next morning, I wake at five thirty a.m and I pray Subuh. The weather is so freaking cold, but thanks to my aunt who cook surabi, I feel more warm. I eat cereal and some milk as my breakfast, but that's not enough for me hehe, so I eat some bread.

My family split up onto two team, the first team is the one who want to go to Hot Water Bath, and the second one is the one who want to go to crater. I decided to go to Crater, because few days ago, I've been to Hot Water Bath in Subang. After that I prepared my self to go to Crater, because after going to the Crater we're going straight to home.

All of my thing is ready to stored in the car, and after my whole family ready, finally we're going to the crater. And on the same time, another team is going to Hot Water Bath. The Crater is not far from the Inn, we got there like, 15 minutes. We going to the Crater by car, and parked the car near the Crater. The name of the Crater is Darajat Crater, it's not too big, but there is a lot of Crater. The smell of the Crater is so freaking bad. There aren't many people there, i guess it's because they prefer to go to Hot Water Bath, due to the cold air.  And of course, we're taking some photos there. You can check the photos that my uncle took, on instagram @hakimomoto hehe.

In the afternoon we're going home, but on the way home, we're had dinner first at a restaurant there. So that's my holiday, hope i can have another holiday with my family soon, bye!

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

The Bear

A king loved his daughter so much that he kept her in her rooms for fear harm would come to her. She complained to her nurse; unbeknownst to her, the nurse was a witch. She told her to get a wheelbarrow and a bearskin from the king. The king gave them to her, the nurse enchanted them, and when the princess put on the skin, it disguised her, and when she got into the wheelbarrow, it took her wherever she wanted to go. She had it take her to a forest.
A prince hunted her, but when she called to him to call off his dogs, he was so astounded that he asked her to come home with him. She agreed and went in the wheelbarrow. His mother was surprised, and more when the bear began to do housework as well as any servant. One day, the prince had to go to a ball given by a neighbouring prince. The bear wanted to go, and he kicked it. When he left, she implored his mother for leave to just go and watch. With it, she went to her wheelbarrow and used the wand to turn her bearskin into a ballgown of moon-beams. At the ball, the prince fell in love with her, but she fled, so she would be back in time to hide herself. She was pleased when he told his mother of her, because she had fooled him, and laughed under the table. The second ball, she went in a gown of sunlight, and his attempts to follow her carriage did not succeed.
The third time, the prince succeeded in getting a ring on her finger. When he went home, he declared he would search for her. First, he wanted some soup, and for the bear to have nothing to do with it, because every time he mentioned his love, the bear muttered and laughed. The bear put the ring in the soup. The prince asked her to take off the skin, and she became a beautiful young woman. She told the prince and his mother how her father had kept her imprisoned, and the prince married her.

source by : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Bear_(fairy_tale)

1. What is the title of the text above?
e. The kingdom
b. The prince
c. The bear 
d. The king
e. The witch
2.  What did her nurse told her to do? (paragraph 1)
a. To get a wheelbarrow and a bearskin from the king
b. To use aladdin carpet to ran away from her room
c. To draw a door with a magic pen 
d. To use some magic spell 
e. To drink a poison
3. Why did the king kept his daughter in her room?
a. Because he afraid harm would come to her
b. Because he want to held a surprise event 
c. Because his daughter is annoyed him 
d. Because his daughter is gone crazy
e. Because he hate her so much
4. What is the main idea of paragraph 2?
a. A Prince haunted her, but he got astounded and bring her home with him
b. A fairy turned her into a beautiful young lady and than send her home
c. A Giant raised her and they lived in the forest for a very long time 
d. A King loved his daughter so much that he kept her in her room 
e. A wolf bite her and she died in the forest
5.  What is the synonym of "astounded'? (paragraph 2)
a. overwhelmed 
b. bewildered
c. distracted
d. agony 
e. happy

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Graduation Day

photo by : nisa nibras

So now, i'll tell you about one of many unforgettable moment in my life. It is the Graduation day from Zakaria Islamic Junior High School. The graduation day is on 20th of June 2016. I started to prepare for the ceremony for maybe a month, because after the National Examination I dont have any other schedule than the preparation time. The Graduation was held at School Hall.

On that day, I feel so happy, sad, proud, and also emberassed. Why? first, I wore kebaya for the first time in school and i also wore high heels, which makes me feel un comfortable. Second, I go to school by my self. and that felt terribly embarassing (I wore kebaya already). Third, on the graduation I do two performace, being main vocal of my accapella group, and also the main vocal of my musical poetry group. And many more.

Night before the graduation day i'm still decorating the hall, it's done at 7 p.m. that is a very tiring day, because we decorating the hall and the corridor from the morning. Many people helping the decoratin team to prepare our graduation ceremony. I am very thankfull to my juniors for helping the preparation, and also big thanks to my beloved teacher who support us from the very beggining of the preparation of our graduation.

The ceremony started at 8 a.m. it started with an announcement of the national examination result. I get one honour for being the best english grade, i'm not the only one who got the honour, but there are another 2 person who got this honour. But i felt so happy because i get a chance to make my parents proud of me. After the ceremony ends, there are some performance. First we sang our school hymne, then song for parents, and a song for our teachers. And then we do many different performance, such as band, cabaret, accapella, musical poetry, traditional dance, and many more.

Oh! i almost forget about the most important thing. We held the Graduation on Ramadhan month. That's what makes I cant forget those times, because we do many performance on puasa condition, and there are no consumption.

so that's my story, hope you enjoy it. See you later!

Saturday, 17 September 2016


photo by : fida izzaturrohim

Megantara is one of culture festival that held by SMAN 3 annually. It is started on 2014, the title of festival on 2014 is Matswapati, and 2015 is Gamarvani, and this year is Megantara. This festival is not juast ordinary festival, because from this event people can learn about many culture in Indonesia.

Megantara is held on Saturday, September, 10th. The purpose of this event is to conserve culture in Indonesia, to introduce indonesian culture to people in bandung area, and also we can entertain people with some performance from many different culture in indonesia. There we can see the many traditional culture such as traditional food, painting, games, dress, music, and also traditional dances, because there are many comunity join this event.

On the day, there are parade, which the participant is kindergarten student and the 1st grade student of SMAN, I participated in this parade because i'm on my 1st grade. We gather in Bali st. at 7.30 a.m and then started to walk around this area at 8 a.m. We passed jalan Belitung, Jalan Merdeka, Jalan Jawa, and finnaly we finish at Jalan Bali, it took maybe one and half hour for us to walk and it's very tiring. After parade, i changing my clothes from kebaya because it's stiflingly hot. And then i, ain, anggun, widya, and della go to Takolada to had some food, it took about two hour for us to eat. After that we go to jalan bali to see if the gate is already open or not, unfortunately it is still close, so we took some photo in front of the gate. It's already dzuhur, so we go to Al Fikri Mosque to pray. 

The gate is open, so we entering the field and walk around. When we arrive there are not much people, but the show is already started. In the morning the kindergarten student who attend the parade do some fashion show on the stage, and the winner is the one who use anoman costume. Then some traditional dance performance, such as bali traditional dance, et cetera. Rampak kendang from Darul Hikam Junior High School, Studio Puri Hamdani, Puppet Show from Putra Giri Harja 3. And also some performance from SMAN 3 extracurricular, there are Anklung performance from KPA 3, Songs from KV3, Band 3, MK 3, LSS 3. Then in the afternoon there are Fashion Show from 1st grade of SMA 3, each class send three person for doing fashion show from different province, the winner is announced by Ridwan Kamil the Mayor of Bandung City, and the winner is the one who do Papua fashion show. 

After a short break, T'ST is on the stage to show a great theater about culture. I think it is one of the most unforgettable perfornace on that day. They show us a remarkable performance and fun to watch 'em doing their performance. After that OSD from ITB is on the the stage, they do an enjoyable performance. And after that the highlitght of Megantara, The Changcuters is on the stage, on Ridwan Kamil Instagram caption says that The Changcuters is "Tim ajrut ajrutan kokojo Bandung", if you know what i mean:). That night they perform maybe 10 song, and it's so cool, i dont know how to express the feeling, I really want to see they performance again:'(.

photo by : fida izzaturrohim

And after the changcuters there is a traditional dance performance. Then RAN is on the stage, personally I like the changcuters more. And after it's end i directly go home using uber voucher. It is a very long and super tiring day. But also it is an unforgettable day for me:))

photo by : fida izzaturrohim