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photo by : fida izzaturrohim

Megantara is one of culture festival that held by SMAN 3 annually. It is started on 2014, the title of festival on 2014 is Matswapati, and 2015 is Gamarvani, and this year is Megantara. This festival is not juast ordinary festival, because from this event people can learn about many culture in Indonesia.

Megantara is held on Saturday, September, 10th. The purpose of this event is to conserve culture in Indonesia, to introduce indonesian culture to people in bandung area, and also we can entertain people with some performance from many different culture in indonesia. There we can see the many traditional culture such as traditional food, painting, games, dress, music, and also traditional dances, because there are many comunity join this event.

On the day, there are parade, which the participant is kindergarten student and the 1st grade student of SMAN, I participated in this parade because i'm on my 1st grade. We gather in Bali st. at 7.30 a.m and then started to walk around this area at 8 a.m. We passed jalan Belitung, Jalan Merdeka, Jalan Jawa, and finnaly we finish at Jalan Bali, it took maybe one and half hour for us to walk and it's very tiring. After parade, i changing my clothes from kebaya because it's stiflingly hot. And then i, ain, anggun, widya, and della go to Takolada to had some food, it took about two hour for us to eat. After that we go to jalan bali to see if the gate is already open or not, unfortunately it is still close, so we took some photo in front of the gate. It's already dzuhur, so we go to Al Fikri Mosque to pray. 

The gate is open, so we entering the field and walk around. When we arrive there are not much people, but the show is already started. In the morning the kindergarten student who attend the parade do some fashion show on the stage, and the winner is the one who use anoman costume. Then some traditional dance performance, such as bali traditional dance, et cetera. Rampak kendang from Darul Hikam Junior High School, Studio Puri Hamdani, Puppet Show from Putra Giri Harja 3. And also some performance from SMAN 3 extracurricular, there are Anklung performance from KPA 3, Songs from KV3, Band 3, MK 3, LSS 3. Then in the afternoon there are Fashion Show from 1st grade of SMA 3, each class send three person for doing fashion show from different province, the winner is announced by Ridwan Kamil the Mayor of Bandung City, and the winner is the one who do Papua fashion show. 

After a short break, T'ST is on the stage to show a great theater about culture. I think it is one of the most unforgettable perfornace on that day. They show us a remarkable performance and fun to watch 'em doing their performance. After that OSD from ITB is on the the stage, they do an enjoyable performance. And after that the highlitght of Megantara, The Changcuters is on the stage, on Ridwan Kamil Instagram caption says that The Changcuters is "Tim ajrut ajrutan kokojo Bandung", if you know what i mean:). That night they perform maybe 10 song, and it's so cool, i dont know how to express the feeling, I really want to see they performance again:'(.

photo by : fida izzaturrohim

And after the changcuters there is a traditional dance performance. Then RAN is on the stage, personally I like the changcuters more. And after it's end i directly go home using uber voucher. It is a very long and super tiring day. But also it is an unforgettable day for me:))

photo by : fida izzaturrohim

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