Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Graduation Day

photo by : nisa nibras

So now, i'll tell you about one of many unforgettable moment in my life. It is the Graduation day from Zakaria Islamic Junior High School. The graduation day is on 20th of June 2016. I started to prepare for the ceremony for maybe a month, because after the National Examination I dont have any other schedule than the preparation time. The Graduation was held at School Hall.

On that day, I feel so happy, sad, proud, and also emberassed. Why? first, I wore kebaya for the first time in school and i also wore high heels, which makes me feel un comfortable. Second, I go to school by my self. and that felt terribly embarassing (I wore kebaya already). Third, on the graduation I do two performace, being main vocal of my accapella group, and also the main vocal of my musical poetry group. And many more.

Night before the graduation day i'm still decorating the hall, it's done at 7 p.m. that is a very tiring day, because we decorating the hall and the corridor from the morning. Many people helping the decoratin team to prepare our graduation ceremony. I am very thankfull to my juniors for helping the preparation, and also big thanks to my beloved teacher who support us from the very beggining of the preparation of our graduation.

The ceremony started at 8 a.m. it started with an announcement of the national examination result. I get one honour for being the best english grade, i'm not the only one who got the honour, but there are another 2 person who got this honour. But i felt so happy because i get a chance to make my parents proud of me. After the ceremony ends, there are some performance. First we sang our school hymne, then song for parents, and a song for our teachers. And then we do many different performance, such as band, cabaret, accapella, musical poetry, traditional dance, and many more.

Oh! i almost forget about the most important thing. We held the Graduation on Ramadhan month. That's what makes I cant forget those times, because we do many performance on puasa condition, and there are no consumption.

so that's my story, hope you enjoy it. See you later!

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