Tuesday, 25 October 2016

The Bear

A king loved his daughter so much that he kept her in her rooms for fear harm would come to her. She complained to her nurse; unbeknownst to her, the nurse was a witch. She told her to get a wheelbarrow and a bearskin from the king. The king gave them to her, the nurse enchanted them, and when the princess put on the skin, it disguised her, and when she got into the wheelbarrow, it took her wherever she wanted to go. She had it take her to a forest.
A prince hunted her, but when she called to him to call off his dogs, he was so astounded that he asked her to come home with him. She agreed and went in the wheelbarrow. His mother was surprised, and more when the bear began to do housework as well as any servant. One day, the prince had to go to a ball given by a neighbouring prince. The bear wanted to go, and he kicked it. When he left, she implored his mother for leave to just go and watch. With it, she went to her wheelbarrow and used the wand to turn her bearskin into a ballgown of moon-beams. At the ball, the prince fell in love with her, but she fled, so she would be back in time to hide herself. She was pleased when he told his mother of her, because she had fooled him, and laughed under the table. The second ball, she went in a gown of sunlight, and his attempts to follow her carriage did not succeed.
The third time, the prince succeeded in getting a ring on her finger. When he went home, he declared he would search for her. First, he wanted some soup, and for the bear to have nothing to do with it, because every time he mentioned his love, the bear muttered and laughed. The bear put the ring in the soup. The prince asked her to take off the skin, and she became a beautiful young woman. She told the prince and his mother how her father had kept her imprisoned, and the prince married her.

source by : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Bear_(fairy_tale)

1. What is the title of the text above?
e. The kingdom
b. The prince
c. The bear 
d. The king
e. The witch
2.  What did her nurse told her to do? (paragraph 1)
a. To get a wheelbarrow and a bearskin from the king
b. To use aladdin carpet to ran away from her room
c. To draw a door with a magic pen 
d. To use some magic spell 
e. To drink a poison
3. Why did the king kept his daughter in her room?
a. Because he afraid harm would come to her
b. Because he want to held a surprise event 
c. Because his daughter is annoyed him 
d. Because his daughter is gone crazy
e. Because he hate her so much
4. What is the main idea of paragraph 2?
a. A Prince haunted her, but he got astounded and bring her home with him
b. A fairy turned her into a beautiful young lady and than send her home
c. A Giant raised her and they lived in the forest for a very long time 
d. A King loved his daughter so much that he kept her in her room 
e. A wolf bite her and she died in the forest
5.  What is the synonym of "astounded'? (paragraph 2)
a. overwhelmed 
b. bewildered
c. distracted
d. agony 
e. happy

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