Tuesday, 17 January 2017

First Holiday of 2k17

So, during this semester holiday, the most thing I do is just sleep and eat at home. But I got bored doing nothing, so I suggested to my parent to go somewhere to get some fresh air. And finally, we decided to go to Garut.

I go to Garut on 1st January 2017, why? Because we think there won't be any traffic jam during the new year eve, but then there is some traffic jam, but not too bad. We go to Garut by car, we went at 10 a.m and got there on 3 p.m.

The very first thing I do when i got to the inn that my family stayed at is unpacking thing from car and then sleep, because I feel so tired already. I sleep like, one and half hour, and got up because I must praying. The weather is getting cold there, so I going down floor and eating some food that we bought from Bandung. At night, my uncle grilled some corn and some satay, but i got sleepy because of the cold air, so I didn't eat any of that and go to sleep early.

On the next morning, I wake at five thirty a.m and I pray Subuh. The weather is so freaking cold, but thanks to my aunt who cook surabi, I feel more warm. I eat cereal and some milk as my breakfast, but that's not enough for me hehe, so I eat some bread.

My family split up onto two team, the first team is the one who want to go to Hot Water Bath, and the second one is the one who want to go to crater. I decided to go to Crater, because few days ago, I've been to Hot Water Bath in Subang. After that I prepared my self to go to Crater, because after going to the Crater we're going straight to home.

All of my thing is ready to stored in the car, and after my whole family ready, finally we're going to the crater. And on the same time, another team is going to Hot Water Bath. The Crater is not far from the Inn, we got there like, 15 minutes. We going to the Crater by car, and parked the car near the Crater. The name of the Crater is Darajat Crater, it's not too big, but there is a lot of Crater. The smell of the Crater is so freaking bad. There aren't many people there, i guess it's because they prefer to go to Hot Water Bath, due to the cold air.  And of course, we're taking some photos there. You can check the photos that my uncle took, on instagram @hakimomoto hehe.

In the afternoon we're going home, but on the way home, we're had dinner first at a restaurant there. So that's my holiday, hope i can have another holiday with my family soon, bye!

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