Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Hello people!


I'd like to introduce my self. My name is Fida izzaturrohim and you all can call me fida or maybe pida, and it's all up to you. I was born in Bandung, November 5th 2000, and that's mean now I'm in my 15th. And my current school is SMAN 3 Bandung, it's a quite well known school, right? before that i was learning at Zakaria Islamic Junior High School. Many people don't know where is Zakaria, so let me tell you that Zakaria is at Cijawura Girang V Street Soekarno-Hatta Bandung. I am so proud of that school and I miss that school so much.
I live in Baros Cimahi Tengah, it's quite far from SMAN 3. My father is Tyanto P. and my mother is Nurhayati, and I am the second daughter of my family. My family is a quite big family cos' my parents have 9 children, 6 daughters and 3 boys. Actually my home is at Ciwastra Bandung, but now i live in my grand father's house.
My hobbies are doodling, plays guitar, music, movies, and novels. My favorite colors are black, white, grey and pastels. My favorite food is hmmm... guess what?! i don't know about it. And in the future i'd like to be an .... (fill the blank). actually i still don't know about it, I just hope that soon i'll know about what I want to be.
Wanna know more about me? check out my instagram @fidaizza and don't forget to follow, Okay? thanks.

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